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tour des alpes

project description:

August 31st, 2001. The last day to hand in one's diploma thesis. So what better to do then make a quick call to sixt and rent a suitable vehicle for the trip.

The black forest not being challenge enough, we got off for a weekend of speed, burnt rubber, burnt skin (in my case, at least) in the best possible location - if one happens to prefer curves to straights: the austrian and swiss Alps. Have a look and enjoy .)

tour des alpes

August 31st, noon: After much hazzling around getting my diploma thesis printed, cut and back from the bookbinder I finally got on the road to Furtwangen, just in time to hand it in. It's the latest possible day, as alway ;). Of course it is raining. Remind you we're in Germany, near Stuttgart and on the way to Furtwangen - in a BMW Z3 ;)