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project description:

With a little help from good friends (thanks Matt!) I was lucky enough to let a dream come true this June. I've always wanted to own the REAL MINI - no phony BMW stuff here *G* - and finally, I do - since June 3rd, 2002! My baby's a still quite shiny 1991 Cooper (the one still with a carburettor, pre-injection) in the one and colour for British cars: British Racing Green. It's been standing in an old factory since 1996 and only got 24600 km when I bought it. Since a couple of days, it's rolling on 165/60 R12 tires, a big improvement against the original 145/70 R12 winter tires. Even if there're very few rust-infested places, I've still got some work to do on the bodywork. From time to time, I hope to post some progress here :)

additional information resources:

These are a couple of definitely essential resource for (future?) MINI owners:

German language Mini discussion board. Shouts go out to everybody over there - guys you don't know how much you've helped me already :) You're the best!

Another German language Mini board.


There we are! Actually the reflections of the shiny surface play strange tricks with the metering of my digicam. The bright green spots are not visible in reality ... so the paintjob is not THAT bad ;) I'm thinking of getting a small airbrush pistol for those little paint jobs.