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complete trailer
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project description:

BladeRunner - one of my favourite movies. When I was studying at Salford University | UK I was given the task to edit a short trailer for a themenight as an exam for my AVID editing lesson. Choosing the movies wasn't quite difficult .)
I went for a two-trailer concept showing only one detailed movietrailer while only just mentioning the second one - ALIEN in this case, as I planned a fictional 'RIDLEY SCOTT themenight'. Both trailers should be shown rotatingly so both movies would be equally well presented. As for the lesson, there was only one to do. I chose the BladeRunner trailer as I always wanted to model one of these nifty spinner things.
3D animation wasn't really the topic in that lesson - I just did that for the fun part .)

Some of the movies put up here are encoded in divX format - so if you haven't already got it please download the codec from the divX site.


self assessment (handed in with trailer)


rendered shot from 3d animation. Click for original resolution (caution: 1600 px width for wallpaper)