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aircraft museum

project description:

In January 2002 I visited the aircraft museum in Schwenningen, a little town in Southern Germany, south-west to Stuttgart. They've got a tiny airfield there - and a museum along with it. As I had seen a report about the place some time ago in tv, I finally went and had a look.

Ok, I admit that finally having received my digital camera and a much needed larger memory stick triggered the trip ;)

All images were shot using a Sony DSC-F707 digital camera (the famous 'dark angel' *G*). For some I used a 58 mm Canon circular polar filter on the lens thread of the sony cam. Actually credit for many of the pictures goes out to Jochen who took over when I wanted to try my analogue equipment. For serious stuff I still prefer manual focus, optical viewfinders and film. Digital photography sometimes is more fun and leaves more room for playing around ... both is best I guess .)

Original jpgs are available when you click the full size display. But beware, these are 2560x1920 px!

Btw: the Homepage of the museum can be found here.

aircraft museum