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project description:

This was done for a special course at my university dealing with realtime 3D. Thanks to our host Frank Radefeldt of Virtual Laser Systems GmbH we could get our first, hands-on experience at creating realtime 3d worlds with an actual game engine - the shark3D engine, developped by Folker Schamel and his company spinor GmbH. As this was my first ever level, please don't be too harsh with me .)

Please bear in mind that this was done in 1997 on a Pentium 166 with a 3dfx Voodoo 1 card. Actually while creating this entry for syrophenium.de, I discovered that the somewhat outdated shark3d version of that time still runs quite well on my geForce II GTS. I got a little bit inspired by NASAs mars mission back then and decided to model a future version of a laboratory on mars, including a hangar | port of some sort.