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project description:

About 8 Kilometers from Furtwangen, a little black forest town where I'm studying, there's an interesting architectural specialty. In the late 19th century, there was a great need for electricity due to industrialization which was covered by the construction of a damm. The water of a small river was let through pipes into a small plant, where the kinetic energy was converted into current.

The building itself is not interesting as in beautiful - but it has a very special architecture. The powerplant has been renewed as of lately and is now in full working condition - apart from the fact that the damm proved to be too worn out to use. So now the plant works just with the stream, without the added energy from the barried water masses. But even that is enough to power quite a few homes.

We had the unique possibility to visit damm and powerplant before the repairs, so we could see the opened and ready-for-refurbishment turbines an details in almost the condition they were left to history in the late 50ies, when the plant was closed.